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creative spaces

The Selby

If you find yourself with time to spare, check out the website, The Selby, which features photographs, paintings and videos of interesting people and their creative environments. Click on the images to get the super, in-depth look of their spaces.


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desk organization

Photo by Hotze Eisma

2010 is the year to get your desk organized, so why not start now and get a jump start on 2010! I’m a fan of big, sprawling desks– a nice vintage table with a comfortable Eames desk chair. *sigh* Even if you don’t have the space for a large desk, you can always make whatever you have work for you by staying organized. The possibilities are endless. Organization doesn’t need to be generic. Use your imagination and repurpose items for a new function. Put pens in silver teapots or a beautiful vase, a bulletin board above the desk with inspirational photos torn from magazines and handwritten ideas scribbled on paper. A desktop filing system to keep your paperwork contained– could be something as simple as a wicker basket or a cardboard box wrapped in funky paper. The point of a desktop filing system is to know exactly what needs to be done and how to find it. Now is the time to unearth those items collecting dust in the back of your kitchen cabinet and see where and how you can put it to good use on your desk.

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eco dog bed

Molly Mutt Dog Bed

My husband and I spent a few moments on a Sunday afternoon cleaning out our sock drawers and ridding it’s contents of all hol-ey (and not spiritually so), faded and unwearable garments. We collected our clothing and searched online for a textile recycling location where we could drop socks off for recycling. During my search, I found Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet Company. These dog duvets are genius. You can either take your old dog bed and cover it with a duvet or you can take old clothing, blankets, towels, and whatever worn out textiles that you may have and create a “stuff sack” that serves as a filling for a comfy, eco-chic dog bed. The duvet covers are incredibly easy to clean– just throw them in the washing machine– and I love the fact that items that would probably end up in a landfill now get a second life making your pooch happy.

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forgetful? not you…!

Jack Cards

Standing in a fluorescent lit drugstore and looking at cards is not my idea of a good time. Something about the dirty tile floors and intercom system screaming really horrible elevator versions of the songs I used to love. How could they butcher “Purple Rain” in such a way? Who gets paid to mutate music like that?

Well, those drugstore days are over. Your time is more valuable. Your sanity is priceless. The Jack Cards calendar card system understands the pressure of remembering to bring your lunch to work, much less remember your dear Uncle Bob’s 68th birthday. I guarantee that you will never miss Uncle Bob’s birthday, or another birthday, ever again. Here’s how it works:

    Go to Jack Cards.
    Add important dates for your friends and family.
    Select cards online for each important and special day.
    Jack Cards will mail the cards to you as the date approaches (stamped and addressed).
    Sign and add a handwritten wish to the card.
    Drop it in the post!

It’s brilliance beyond belief! Saving you time, stress, making it easy to stay on top of all those special days in life– the most perfect birthday, anniversary, or ‘miss you’ gift. And, I know Prince would approve.

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