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top 5: moving boxes

I’m moving back to San Francisco this month (expect a URL and business name change soon) and since my life is full of packing and sorting and organizing boxes, my Top 5 this week is devoted to the same.

Dingbat Press Printable Moving Announcement

  1. These darling printable moving announcements almost make me happy to move. Head over to ‘Love. Obsess. Inspire.’ and click on “Free Printable Goodie” to download and print.
  2. Real Simple’s Moving Checklist saves my sanity when I start freaking out about EVERYTHING I NEED TO DO.
  3. Tapeswell, the purveyors of decorative packing tape, help make moving less…. blah.
  4. Plastic Loose Fill Council. Visit their site or call 800-828-2214 for the nearest packing-peanut drop spot.
  5. How to pack everything you own in one bag. I wish!

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