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Spratters And Jayne Design

I started knitting six years ago after taking a class in San Francisco at the Urban Knitting Studio. It was great to learn after talking about it for close to a decade. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and I haven’t knitted in two years! With this lengthy hiatus, I’m really excited about getting back into it. As my previous post talked about “BALANCE”, I believe it’s important to replace the daily grind with a creative interest. I’ve been totally awe-inspired by a few projects and I wanted to share them as my Top 5. They’ve whole-heartedly inspired me and hopefully they’ll inspire you to break out the knitting needles again– or pick up the craft for the first time.

  1. Spratters & Jayne. The cowls and lapels are to die for! This is my next project; a beautiful chunky knit lapel.
  2. Wool and the Gang. The Wool and the Gang site was recommended to me by a friend of mind in Los Angeles, and the instructional videos are the best I’ve ever seen. Her accent and the music are so charming.
  3. Who would have thought to knit your own cleaning tools? Pretty dang brilliant, if I do say so myself. Using scrap yarn to knit a Swiffer cover. Or if crocheting is your thing, this blogger created Swiffer sock covers and dish scrubbers (Japanese Tawashi). According to the site, the Swiffer covers work better than the cloth covers you can buy and they’re totally washable/reusable. Anything that involves less waste is always a good idea.
  4. Knit graffiti. The world can always be a prettier place.
  5. Another beautifully amazing inspiration are the big, chunky knits from Gile Deacon’s AW07 line. Where can I get yarn like that?!

Plus 1: Of course, you have to keep all your knitting supplies and needles organized and ready to go when inspiration strikes you.


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