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daily routines

Organization is something I’ve been doing since I was young. Over the years, I’ve had close friends poke fun at me when I decide to stay home and organize my filing cabinet rather than going out to dinner with them. For the most part, I try not to let my organization obsession take over my life, but organization is such a part of my psyche that I have to be reeled in by loved ones and reminded to go out and enjoy a movie every now and then. The key to anything is balance. The balance of work/play/life/relaxation. Balance is a challenge and keeping everything in your life moving forward and interesting is what I strive to achieve day in and day out. I always find it fascinating how other people organize their days and their time. If you’re interested in how Stephen King spends his mornings then you’ll love the web site, Daily Routines as much as I do.

Some of my favorites from the site include:

My routine varies slightly from day-to-day depending on if I’m organizing clients or doing business work from home. For the most part I wake up between 7:30-8am and make coffee in the french press with lots of sugar and milk. Coffee is a new thing for me. I just started drinking it this past year and I gotta say it’s been a life changing addition to my schedule. I’m surprised I never understood the powers of coffee before, but… NOW I UNDERSTAND COFFEE PEOPLE! While I’m drinking coffee I check my calendar, email, twitter, and teuxdeux for the days tasks. Around 9am, I get ready and start the day. Lots of work happens. In the late afternoon, I take my dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. At 5pm, I’m back on the computer. I’m enamored with web sites, so I probably spend way too much time researching and seeking out new things to obsess over, so that’s pretty much how I end my day, by spending an hour or so back on the web. At 7pm, it’s time with my husband whether we’re watching our favorite television shows– Lost and The Office– or experimenting with some random recipe I’ve found online. The day ends around 11pm, which is my favorite part of the evening, being in my pajamas and laying in the most comfortable bed in the universe. *sigh*


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Organize Closet

  1. Keep two boxes in your closet. One box for ‘Donations’ and the other for ‘Tailoring’. It’s an “as-you-go” sort of organizational trick where you make decisions about an item while you’re getting dressed. If you happen to try something on and it doesn’t look or feel right. Decide right then and there– Can the item be tailored? Or does it need to be donated because it doesn’t fit or it’s outdated? Once the boxes are full take them for donation and/or tailoring. Do not hang the item back up without making a decision first.
  2. Sort like with like. Hang coats with coats. Dresses with dresses. Shirts with shirts. You get the idea. It makes it easier to find items and allows you to mix-and-match separates easily while you’re getting dressed in the morning.
  3. The 12-Pair Shoe Organizer. Stackable, compact, and fits shoes perfectly; even heels and wedges. Grab multiple shelves and either line them side-by-side or stack them two high. You could get really OCD and have one for casual shoes; one for heels; and another for sneakers. The top of the shelf is a flat service which is perfect for boots.
  4. Hang a full-length mirror over your closet door or have a mirror hanging near your closet. It’s an essential part of putting together an outfit.
  5. Keep two open boxes on the top shelf. One for random clothing accessories such as scarves, gloves, broaches, etc. And a second box for belts. Never underestimate the power of accessories to transform a wardrobe. I’ve found that keeping accessories within easy reach allows you to grab a box and have fun adding the finishing touches to your outfit.

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friday 5: for your office

Friday 5 For Your Office

  1. Ceramic Memo Board
  2. Locker Basket Letter Trays
  3. I Am Not a Paper Cup coffee mug
  4. Elfa Drawers
  5. Tree Lover Graphite Pencils

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friday 5

Friday Five Products

Starting this week, I’m going to be posting a “Top 5” feature every Friday. I used to do Top 5’s at my old job and I wanted to bring them back because I loved putting them together so much. I’ll be focusing on topics ranging from eco-friendly products & services, anything that has to do with organization, creative whatnots, redesign tips & tricks, and home interior loveliness. If you have something you’d like to contribute for an upcoming Top 5 feature, please feel free to email me! Without further ado, here is this week’s Top 5.

  1. Keep your small goods organized with custom pouches made by one of my favorite San Francisco artists, Jill Bliss.
  2. Stay up-to-date with the 2010 handprinted botanical desk calendar printed on 100% recycled paper.
  3. Record all your scandalous secrets in a private online diary.
  4. A tutorial on how to make a gift bow out of magazine paper.
  5. Get crafty with your holiday gifts this year! Here’s a great how-to on making post earrings from vintage buttons. Be still my heart.

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desk organization

Photo by Hotze Eisma

2010 is the year to get your desk organized, so why not start now and get a jump start on 2010! I’m a fan of big, sprawling desks– a nice vintage table with a comfortable Eames desk chair. *sigh* Even if you don’t have the space for a large desk, you can always make whatever you have work for you by staying organized. The possibilities are endless. Organization doesn’t need to be generic. Use your imagination and repurpose items for a new function. Put pens in silver teapots or a beautiful vase, a bulletin board above the desk with inspirational photos torn from magazines and handwritten ideas scribbled on paper. A desktop filing system to keep your paperwork contained– could be something as simple as a wicker basket or a cardboard box wrapped in funky paper. The point of a desktop filing system is to know exactly what needs to be done and how to find it. Now is the time to unearth those items collecting dust in the back of your kitchen cabinet and see where and how you can put it to good use on your desk.

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